Pabithagroup Trading as a cooking oil supplier was established more than 15 years ago we over 30 years experience in the edible oil industry.

Our core focus at Pabithagroup trading is to provide specially customized products and services to Restaurants, Take-Aways, Food Manufacturers, Caterers,
Wholesalers, Supermarkets as well as Shops. We are an approved used oil collector also.

Our Vision
Is to provide domestic and commercial (restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers, etc.) industries with quality, affordable and longer lasting edible oil.

From humble beginnings in South Africa all those years ago one thing remains constant – our company is still driven by the same vision.
Our customers remain the most integral component of our business.
It is this commitment as well as focus that sets us apart from our competitors and which has enabled us to grow from strength to strength in South Africa.
we are extending our client base whilst expanding outside South Africa.

we are a cooking oil supplier that is continuously researching the latest innovations and methodology. We also make use of the latest processes and techniques
in an effort to always provide our clients with the very best products! These oils are specifically developed to enhance the cooking and baking experience
whilst strict control measures ensures the highest quality product at all times. This superb range is specially formulated to maximize the efficiency in a variety
of uses whilst containing anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants extends the shelf-life thus providing our customers with all round value for money and satisfaction.

Our products are packaged to suit any order size. So whether you are a small corner shop or multi-national franchise, we can provide you with all your edible oil needs.

Containers come in sizes such as:
• 375ml pet bottlle
• 500ml pet bottle
• 750ml pet bottle
• 5lt pet bottle
• 20lt jerry can
• 200lt drum
• 1000lt flowbins / flexitank
• 36000lt / 32ton tanker load