Pabitha Group Trading

We are a well-established and reliable trading company in various kinds of livestock such as Cattle, Calves, Goats, Chickens, Turkey, Ostrich etc.

We also deal with various types of eggs, such as Chicken eggs and Ostrich eggs, Frozen meat such as Cow meat, Goat meat and whole Frozen Chicken meat.

We also deal with all type of seafood such as crabs, lobster, shrimp, fish etc. Animal feeds such as Fish meal, Soybean meal, Meat and Bone meal, Corn meal, Wheat bran, Limestone etc, grains such as White and Yellow Corn/Maize for both human and animal consumption and beans.


Below is some of our Livestock

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Warehouse Address

4 Bert Kipling St
Wilsonia, East London
Physical Address:
766 B Roodios Street
Montana Gardens, Pretoria

Contact Details

Contact Persons: Leti / Randy
Tel: +27 68 534 2598 / +27 12 401 7835 /
        +27 51 401 9122
WhatsApp: +27 67 657 1581
Fax: +27 86 451 8297
Reg Number: K2005 / 175500 / 23

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